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Once-a-year Cleanings and Tune-ups are the most effective way to keep your heating system running at maximum efficiency, this means less heating fuel consumption in the cold weather and lower fuel bills. They also catch problems like tank leaks and plugged filters before they turn into bigger problems, (like a broken burner). Heating systems are complex, which means parts can wear out or have foreign materials in there. Cleanings and tune-ups find worn-out parts and clean anything out of the system that is not supposed to be there. Even if you do not have a service contract they are well worth the investment, the long term savings that come from heating fuel conservation, less frequent service calls and reduced risk of system breakdowns are too big to ignore.

Why is it important?

Annual cleaning and tune-ups of your heating system

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We are a certified earthlink geothermal dealer. Please call us for the latest information.

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Dial-In Systems

Gennari Plumbing & Heating can install a dial-up system that allows you to remotely monitor and control your heating and air conditioning settings from any phone at any time.

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