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Gennari Plumbing & Heating, Inc. will help maintain the customers equipment to keep utility and repair costs as low as possible while preserving equipment through reliability and life. Occupant comfort will always be primary considerations whether it be commercial or residential.

Saving you money is our business

  • Peace of Mind
  • Pre-scheduled service inspections
  • Preferential emergency service scheduling
  • Potential problems are spotted before trouble and major expenses occur
  • Lubricating, adjusting and cleanings keep your heating and cooling systems running at peak, trouble free efficiency
  • Lower fuel bills
  • 15% HVAC parts discount & NO overtime charges 


*The benefits of having a planned maintenance schedule:

Start saving your hard earned dollars by having us check out your systems periodically. You can avoid emergencies and major repairs with just a simple check-up.

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* Contact us at 413-644-8988, 800-833-2565  or e-mail info@gennariplumbing.com for terms and conditions

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