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Below are some suggestions we would like to make that may help you.

​As many of you know, we have recently sent a letter (Nov. 2018) to many of you regarding our service hours. In just, we will no longer offer after hours or weekend service calls. It was very difficult but a necessary decision to make and we greatly appreciate your patience and loyalty.


  • Is there plenty of fuel? Did you recently get a delivery?
  • Is there power to the unit? If not, check the breaker box & switches. Many units have lights indicating power or any errors that my have occurred. Maybe a breaker has been tripped? Various systems may start again if the breaker is turned off (wait a moment) then turn back on.
  • Is there a reset button on the unit itself? They are usually red. Push it once and note the sound it makes if it does not start or any errors that show on the display. Please DO NOT push it more than once. 
  • If it is Air Conditioning, does any part of the unit have ice on it? If so, please shut it off and let it thaw. Call our office during regular business hours to set up a service call.
  • Is it a mini split (Mitsubishi or Fujitsu) wall unit? Please turn off the unit and let stand for 15 minutes making sure that both remote and unit compare as to whether you'd like heat or A/C. This refreshes the "brain" of the unit.
  • Do Not stand in water while touching the unit or electricity.

We appreciate and value your continued business and support and look forward to serving the community in the coming new year. 

Before calling in for service, below are a few questions you might be asked.

Please be careful of your safety.

If you are uncomfortable or unsure with any of the above please call a professional. 


  • Call your fuel company. Many fuel companies provide after hours service.
  • Install Wi-Fi thermostats so that you may monitor your systems with an app on your smart phone or computer. Take advantage of technology. If you don't have one please call our office to have them installed.
  • Remember to turn up the temperature on your thermostat the day before coming to the Berkshires to ensure your house will be up to heat when you arrive.
  • Install antifreeze in the heating systems to avoid a freeze if a no heat should occur.
  • Know where your electrical breaker box is and how to use it.
  • Know where and how to shut off your water. Not only the main supply but to the various plumbing fixtures. Many have shut off's close by. If not, call our office during regular business hours (M-F, 8am-4:30pm) and schedule a service call to get them installed.
  • For oil fired systems, know where your emergency shut off switch is.